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Chuck-chakKulinarnye tradition Tatar cuisine evolved more than one century. The people keeps the secrets of the national dishes, passing them from generation to generation. Of paramount importance in the Tatar cuisine with liquid hot dishes - soups and broth. Depending on the broth (shulpa), where they cooked, soups can be divided into meat, dairy and meatless, vegetarian, but for those products that are illicit, for flour, cereals, vegetables floury-, krupyano-vegetable and vegetable. The most common first course - soup noodles (tokmach). At the second otvarennoe served in a broth or chicken meat, chopped large chunks and boiled potatoes. During the dinner, especially among city dwellers, fed pilaf and a traditional meat and cereals belish. In Tatar cuisine often produce all kinds of meals - Millet, buckwheat, Oatmeal, rice, Gorokhovaya and so highly valued products from acid (yeast) test. These notably include bread (ikmek). No bread, no runs, no lunch (regular or holiday), he is considered a sacred food. In the past, from the Tartars with schestvoval even custom oath bread FPI-der.

Let us learn to prepare delicious dishes of Tatar. Eat and enjoy!

Tutyrma with offal

     Offal - 1 kg, rice - 100 g, or buckwheat groats - 120g, egg - 1 pc., Onions - 1.5 pc., Milk or broth - 300-400g, salt, pepper - to taste.

Processed offal (liver, heart, lungs), finely chopped, add the onion and skip through myasorubku (You can chop). Put pepper, salt, dislodge the egg and mix thoroughly all, then dilute with milk or ostuzhennym broth, add rice (or grechnevuyu krupu), and is intermingled, starting colon, look. Filling tutyrmy to be liquid. Cook, as well as tutyrmu with beef. You can tutyrmu produce only one liver and grains. Tutyrma of offal is considered a delicacy, she served as a main course. Usually, it cut into circles and fit nicely on a plate. Serve tutyrmu to the table in hot form.

Tatar pilaf

     Lamb (lean) - 100 g, margarine table and tomato paste - 15 g water - 150 grams, rice - 70 g onions - 15 g, bay leaves, pepper, salt - to taste.

The meat cut into pieces weighing 35 - 40 grams, sprinkle with salt and pepper, obzharit, put in soteynik and fill in passirovannym zhire tomatoes with hot water. When the liquid zakipit, sleep washed rice. By adding sliced onions and bay leaves, cook on low heat, gently pomeshivaya, until all liquid is not absorbed rice. Close lid and allow to stand. The traditional Tatar pilaf can be cooked without tomatoes, instead you should add any diced vegetables or even fruit (pilaf get sweet).


     for stuffing:
     500 grams of meat, repchatogo Puka 3 pc., salt, pepper, liquid fat to zhareniya

peremechIz yeast or freshwater test makes balls weighing 50 grams obvalivayut in flour and roll out of these cakes. At mid-cakes and put stuffing priminayut. Then lifts the edge of the test and gather in the beautiful assembly. In the middle of must remain peremecha hole. Peremechi fried in polufrityure first hole down, then as zarumyanitsya, flip-up hole. Ready peremechi should be light brown round, flat shape. Peremechi served hot. Peremechi can do fine. In this case, products have to take half.

Cooking stuffing.
Washed meat (beef or mutton) finely chopped onions and skip through myasorubku put pepper, salt and carefully move. If stuffing gustovaty, pour cold milk or water and mix again.

Stuffed lamb (tutyrgan teke)

     Lamb (flesh), eggs - 10 pcs., Milk - 150g, onions (fried) - 150 g, butter - 100g, salt, pepper - to taste.

To prepare teke taken breast young lamb or flesh back of the leg. Rib bones to separate the flesh from the belly, and the flesh from the rear of the cut in such a way that there bag. Separately, in deep dishes break eggs, add salt, pepper, and ostuzhennoe drawn butter and mix well. Resulting stuffing fill in the Baranja pre-cooked ribs or ham, zashit hole. Doing semi put in shallow dish, pour broth, sprinkle shred onions, carrots and cook until ready. When tutyrgan teke is ready to put it on the blurry fat pan, top-lubricated and 10-15 min put in the oven. Stuffed lamb cut into pieces and served on a table in hot form.

Belish with duck

     Dough - 1.5 kg, duck - 1 pc., Rice - 300-400g, butter - 200g, onions - 3-4 pieces., Broth - 1 cup, pepper, salt - to taste.

zurbelishV belish with duck is usually added to rice. Ready to duck pochlenno first cut, then cut into small pieces of flesh. Rice go, wash in hot water, put in podsolennuyu water and lightly boil. Otvarenny figure recline in a sieve and rinse with hot water. Ostyvshy rice should be dry. Add the rice in butter, finely chopped onion, the requisite number of salt, pepper, all mixed with pieces of duck and make belish. Knead dough, as well as for the previous belishey. Belish of ducks is thinner than belish with broth. Belish cares 2-2.5 h. For half an hour until ready to it nalivayut broth.
At the table belish with duck served in the same pan. Pastes put on a plate large spoon, then cut into pieces bottom portions belisha.

Tunterma (omelet)

     5-6 eggs, milk 200-300 g, 60-80 g mannoy grains or flour, 100 g of butter, salt to taste.

Eggs released in deep dishes, Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass, then add milk, drawn butter, salt mix everything well, vsypat mannuyu krupu or flour and mix again until the consistency of thick sour cream.
Massuh turn in the pan, fat blurry, and put on fire. Once the mass zagusteet, put in ovens for 4-5 minutes. Tuntermu finished top oil and fat file on the table. You can tuntermu rombikami to cut portions.

Dumplings with hempen Grain

     75 g test, 100 g of minced, 50 g sour cream or 20 grams of oil Heating, 1 egg.

I option. Treated hempen grain placed to dry for 1-2 h in the oven, crush in a mortar, sift through a sieve. Hempen Mix the flour with mashed potatoes and eggs. If the filling came out steep, to dilute its small amount of hot milk.
Dough cooked the same way as for other ravioli. Podsolennoy cook dumplings in the water, put in a bowl, fill sour cream or melted butter and hot file on the table.

II option. Hempen pound of grain in a wooden mortar, otzhat excess fat, add sugar, salt, mix everything well in order to obtain dense homogeneous mass. This mass is used as stuffing for ravioli.
Dough prepare the same way as in the I-form.

Gubad meat

     At one pan Gubad: test - 1000-1200 grams of meat - 800-1000 g, finished court - 250 grams of rice - 300-400 grams of raisins - 250 g eggs - 6-8 pieces., Oil toplenogo - 300 -- 400 g, salt, pepper, onion, repchaty.

Dough roll a bigger size pans. Put it on Shrove pan and top-lubricated. On the court ready to lay out the dough. He put a smooth layer of rice, then missed with onions through myasorubku toasted meat, the meat back a layer of rice, the rice - cool cooked, finely nashinkovannye again eggs and rice. Top to put a layer rasparennogo dried apricots, raisins or prunes. Then all the stuffing abundantly pour melted butter.
Pastes bring down a thin layer of roll dough edges zaschipat and zadelat zubchikami. Before putting in the oven, Gubad be top lubricated and sprinkle crumbs. In the oven at medium temperature Gubad cares 40-50 minutes. Gubad ready-cut pieces and ask for a table hot. Gubad drawing should be pronounced layers of different products in harmony like the taste, and in color.

Cooking soft court for Gubad.
Dry court crush, sift through a sieve. At 500 grams court to add 200 g of sugar, 200 g of milk, all mix and provarit 10-15 minutes until a homogeneous mass, like gruel. Massuh cool, then put a flat layer on the bottom Gubad.

Cooking crumbs for Gubad.
In 250 g of butter to proseyannoy 500 grams of wheat flour, 20-30 g of sugar and grind it carefully by hand. As rastiraniya butter mixed with flour and form small baby. Before putting Gubad in the oven, sprinkle it on top crumbs. Gubad - rich multi-layer round cake with filling. Filling consists of the court (dried cream), boiled rice crisp, rublenogo eggs, rasparennogo raisins (dried apricots or prunes), minced beef with onions passerovannym.

Fried peas in Kazan

     Pea, salt, butter, onion

Fried peas - favorite dish Tatars. Before zharenem peas go, rinse with cold water, then pour warm water and to swell at 3-4 pm You need to ensure that it does not greatly swell, except when zharke grains could fall in half. Razmokshy peas filter through a colander and start fry. There are several ways to roast.
1 st method (dry zharene) - Peas put on a dry pan and cook, pomeshivaya.

2-y way - to the hot pan pour a little vegetable oil once it is warming, put peas and cook, pomeshivaya, during the roast salt.

3rd way - to the left after peretopki domestic beef bacon fat to peas, mix together with bacon. During the roast on salt to taste and pepper.

Chak-Chak (nuts with honey)

     At 1 kg of wheat flour: 10 pcs. eggs, 100 grams of milk, 20-30 g of sugar, salt, 500-550 g butter to fry, honey 900-1000 g, 150-200 g of sugar for decoration, monpanse 100-150 g.

A higher grade of flour. Release of the dishes raw eggs, add milk, salt, sugar, all mix, flour and vsypat zamesit soft dough. Divide the dough into pieces weighing 100 grams, roll their flagella thickness of 1 cm Narezat flagella on balls the size of a cedar nut to crack and fry them, mixing to smooth done in fritters. Finished balls are yellow.
Vsypat granulated sugar in honey and boil in a separate utensils. The willingness of honey can be found as follows: take the match a drop of honey, and if off with a match trickle after cooling is brittle, boiling should be discontinued. For too long, honey can not boil because it may podgoret and spoil the look and taste of food.
Done balls put in a broad dish, pour honey and mix well. After this shift Chak-Chak on a tray or plate and soaked in cold water with hands to give it the desired shape (pyramids, cones, stars, etc.). Chuck, Chuck, you can decorate small candy (monpanse).
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Published Elvira (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 02:36.

Zur Rahmat! Just like Chuck, Chuck is more Bashkir dish. The Tatars are preparing baursak:)) But still, all very tasty.

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Published Selim, Makhachkala (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 12:50.

Thank you for this abundance of food, it brings together the nation!

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Published Suleiman (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 14:43.

Low tukmachle Al yaratam ham MOs pochmak!

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Published Ramis, Kazan (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 14:48.

Salam! Magazine super! want a victory! In truth the popular publication! Quality!
I like many Tatar dishes. N praznikam such as the Kurban Bajram and Ramadan Bayram, on the table necessarily pyaryamyacha bula.Potomu that this is the most favorite food. If a Caucasian Lamb, the general overeating.
And you can mix veal and sheep kurdyuk (but beef is still to be Caucasian)
In this Ramadan ate about 20 pieces for the holiday table. And no bad first Salmu eat it piece balesh and one MOs pochmak. When this is all osyadet and served tea, a great pleasure to rent Chak-Chak (love, honey, if good)
All .... Razygralsya appetite ... go rent something.

All saubulegez.

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Published Rosalie (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 14:54.

Assalyamu aleykum!
Mindia uzemnen information yaratyp ashy Torgau rizygym turynda yazasym kila.Ulda bulsa-Chuck, Chuck! BIC yaratam, avylda bulganda mine pesherergada yortalar.Hazer pesherep karyybyz.
1 kg Chuck-chakka: 4yomyrka, 65g hundred, 20 g TOZ, kamyrga Salou very shikar 10g, 400g yugary sortly he 210g may.370 ball ,90-400g-100g shikar, 30 g monpasi yaki sweets alyna.
Savytka Yom and sytyp, Mobile, TOZ, shikar coma Ostap, yahshylap tuglyylar yes yomshak ITEP kamyr basalar.Any VAK kisaklarga bulep 1sm kalynlyktagy Bau syman tagaratalar yes erbet chiklavege Kadar ITEP kisalar, kyzgan Maiga salyp altynsu longing kerganche pesheralar.Peshergan vakytta bolgatyp toryrga Kiraki.
Ikenche savytta Balga shikar coma salyp kaynatalar.Anyn Azer buluyn Böhler very, ball kashykka ball alyp suga salyp kararga bula, ball zhaelmasa Azer.
Azer toshlarne Ola savytka salyp ostena ball agyzabyz, yahshylap bolgatabyz, toshlarga zyyan kitermicha.Sonynnan podnoska yaki Ola talinkaga salalar, kulny suga tygyp alyp, chakchakka telagan form (pyramid, cone, yoldyz Ham pate) biralar.Chakchakne monpasi, yaki torle Kechko konfetlar Belan bizarga bula.
Yagez tamleme?

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Published Gulnar (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 14:56.

I like to prepare Tatar dishes, casually zabrela to this page and is interested. My Crown dish Gubad - not as described in the national culinary books, but this old gobadiya. It is a pity in St. Petersburg, I do not know a restaurant or cafe Tatar cuisine, could arrange the days of national food. And now houses a chic opportunity! Exact favorite magazine !!!!!

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Published Igor from Smolensk (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 20:29.

Balish - Specialty of our family, GOTOVIT MAMA-TATARKA.
You take pan, grease smaltsem, divide the dough in a ratio of two to one. More roll out into a large piece of thin (3-5mm) lepeshku and placing it in the pan. Attention! Between the test and SKOVORODOY There should be no air bubbles! The edges of cakes must dangle from the edges of pans. Vykladyvaem in the pan stuffing. If the meat was put Delivery maslitse CREAMY. Srezaem ishnee dough (are those who put out the outside corner). Cuts off a piece of dough the size of a walnut for cover. Lepim kryshechku - lepeshku 5-6 centimeters in diameter and thickness of slightly less than centimeter. The rest of the dough roll out in LEPESHKO (3-5mm), cake vertically above the filling connects the upper and lower edges of cake and carefully zaschipyvaem province. In the center are doing otverstitse one and a half centimeters in diameter. Covers his kryshechkoy. Now balish put into the oven. As soon as he starts a little brown, covering the pan or lid, a metal cup VERY TIGHT!
Diminish the temperature in the oven to 170 degrees (Celsius) and look forward to. Estimated half an hour, forty minutes (as soon as the magic aroma will) have to akkuratnenko join balish one and a half to two cups hot broth. Overall, after covering balisha lid / cup, he must prostoyat in the oven for two hours. The last half-hour temperature can be further reduced.
The most difficult: After balish ready, you need to turn off the oven and wait 20-25 minutes to cool down, he came in the oven. ))
Guzzle it should be this:
Put on the table plates. Knife akkuratnenko srezaem entire upper lepeshku, divide it into pieces by the number of consumers - and on each plate. Vykladyvaem each spoon stuffing (as it bulonchikom! Aromatnenkaya !!!). Then rezhem «bottom» to pieces and placing its consumers at the plate. Dark brown crust, soft, slightly pohrustyvaet upper, lower propityvaetsya juices!
Balish this culinary poem!

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Published Rainbow (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 20:31.

There is, at the outset to provide a prescription echpachmaka. I briefly cast her. Very tasty. Yes.
Yeast dough, the usual.
Filling: raw meat, finely chopped, in Tatarstan still recommend the goose, as well as greasy potatoes crude melkonarezannaya + + onions and spices.
This crude stuffing should be put on a piece of dough for pies (not large) zaschipyvat in the form of a triangle, leaving the hole to break a pair. Anoint after rasstoyki whipped egg and into the oven. All propekaetsya for 40 minutes. Lower nuances with yeast pastry (rasstoyka and all that). As I hand it ispekala, I would say that at times do not have time, the dough should be dry and the stuffing overdry not desirable. But several times went super! And the dough soft and juicy filling.

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Published by Leon (not verified) at Mon, 29/10/2007 - 20:50.

Peryamyach (~ 16-17 pieces)
2 tablespoons milk
1 egg,
1 h l sugar
1 / 2 h l salt
4,5 st flour
1 / 2 sticks of fresh yeast (or 1 packet dry)
400-500 grams of beef,
2 onions,
3 garlic cloves,
pepper to taste, salt
For frying:
1 / 2 liters of vegetable oil.
Slightly warm milk. In ½ cup milk divorce granulated sugar and fresh yeast, place in a warm place to rise. In the remaining milk and salt to the egg and add it podnyavshiesya yeast. If you are using dry yeast, they have to empty directly into the flour, and all the dough ingredients simply zamesit together. When zameshivaetsya dough, add the first and only 4 cups flour and remaining amount after the dough rises and the formation peryamyachey, as the dough is very sticky. For filling, meat provernut through myasorubku along with the onions (if necessary twice). In the resulting meat, add salt, pepper and garlic finely porublenny. Approximately one-third finished the test put to good floury board, hands roller sausage, and divide it into 5-6 komochkov test. Each scharik roll pin to about 12 cm in diameter, put stuffing in the middle of thick (~ 1 cm) so that the ring remained at the edge of dough into 2-3 cm Then, roll the dough on top of meat and zaschipnut such a way that in the middle left a hole 2-3 cm Formed peryamyachi bring down a towel to avoid zavetrilos dough. In skororodu empty 2 / 3 of oil (add the remaining amount as required so that peryamyachi swam a bit, rather than lying on the bottom pan) and place in the hail of fire until boiling, then fire ubavit on average, and put peryamyachi hole down. When done one side, turn over and done ground (fill in the hole constantly boiling oil). Good cast peryamyachi hot with sour cream.

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Published Musa, Kazan (not verified) at Tue, 30/10/2007 - 19:29.

Beef (zadnetazovaya part) or lamb horse or 200 grams, 100 flour, 1 onion, 1 carrot, salt, spices.
Zamesit dough (for noodles), blind burn a width of about 1.5 cm, cut it to nuts, each of which take the form of shells. You can also roll the dough on sochen 2 mm thick and cut it into strips width of 3 cm, which cut rombiki. Completed shells or rombiki podsolennoy to boil water and fill ghee. Boiled meat cut into thin slices. Onion, sliced rings, spasserovat. Boiled carrot cut ring. Completed roots pour broth, add spices and salt lightly pripustit at low heat. Boiled shells or rombiki mix with pripuschennymi roots, from the top to cut slices boiled meat and stew 10-15 minutes.

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Picture Jasmin.
Published in Jasmin Tue, 30/10/2007 - 23:55.

Ashlarygyz Tamla bulsyn!
* The world is beautiful and charm! *

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Published Lunolikaya Khanum (not verified) at Wed, 31/10/2007 - 14:25.

Immediately specify pilaf is different, it is different from the people of the manufacturer, I invite you to look at Tatar pilaf. More often than not, I placeholders recipes rice porridge, but not pilaf, what differences I will try to move the case to explain. We need a cast-iron kazan, about pannikin pans at the time, we can forget. If this does not, then go to the store metal dishes to choose kazan. Kazan should be heavy and not great for us as a big kazan, we are not going to feed the wedding, so choose the medium size, with the momentum to put out the eggs then, or ribs in Delete. And most importantly, the cover should be too thick and fit snugly to Kazan. Now we have a new kazan, clothes so that would be as much as possible was closed ogolennyh body parts, my kazan, vytiraem on dry, pouring oil and set on fire, which pushed the smoke, leaving both at 15 minutes, only to discover all that you can include extract, at this stage we need to be very cautious in my practice, two boiler exploded, the first pot is very, besprent me hand and foot, but I was in shorts and T-shirt without sleeves, he will still figure. After the process, discharge oil in Fig, I do not much my boiler, just to wash off the top of Chad and sushim, but still dries go for products to the market or supermarket. For the lamb pilaf is usually needed, but often under the guise of mutton in the market sell goat meat, and because people are not hard likes mutton, and in fact, he just ate goat meat. Visual experience, we do not have, we will go on to this for beef, you can certainly replace and chicken, but let's try to do so pilaf from the meat. Buy 1 kg of meat, onions, carrots, raisins, barberry, curry (for amateur) ziru, cayenne chilli peppers, rice is better but Pakistan and India will come down, find a shorter, like it. and water clean without gas as well as from the tap would not.
Start making pilaf, a pannikin take to the estimated amount of rice to accommodate for cleaning, treatment with the diced meat lightly sprinkle the meat ziroy, it must then in oil burn, so very little. Kazan put on fire, pouring sunflower (corn) oil evenly so that the depth of oil was about 1sm. or 1.5 cm in the center if the bottom round. We are waiting for when the oil will smoke, Kalima two minutes, adding more oil we will not not in any way, you can prokalit and longer, but will not take risks, neatly on kusochku goes dymyaschiesya butter meat, take the cloth keep kazan, and mixing meat so it all promaslilos not liplo to the walls Kazanka. We are waiting for 10-15min, but still clean and onions regime in pannikin, onions regime long strips, about two bulbs are not large. Clean and treatment morkovku straw, not in any way not to Turk
and leave until the board, approximately two no big carrot. After 10-15 minutes, toss onions and pomeshivaem, 5 minutes morkovku pitch and wait another 7 minutes, as long as my figure. Rice tentatively need pomeret as
then you will need to add water, generally take a mug and otsypaem kruzhkoy figure, the number of mugs store. My our pannikin rice until the water becomes transparent, drain water, and if there will be a little water, it will not be easy, feel sorry for rice shell spread. After seven minutes, fill our water in a ratio of 1:1,5, a mug of rice a half of water. While simmer throw salt evenly so that the water tastes a little salty or brackish, I do not know yet how to write. Boil water, throw spices, barberry, a small piece of red pepper, close the lid and varim five minutes, so in order to dissolve spices, open, throw rice and the base of it, not in any way not to interfere.
When the figure seem over the water at least a little bit, throw raisins, close the lid, reduce the gas to a minimum and wait 45 minutes. Not a minute sooner or later, the lid is not in any case not open and not interfere. If gathered heat, the oil does not add, as it is better to make a dash to the pan. If you noticed, so make pilaf, with the help of skovorodok and kastryulek not really, because pilaf and different from rice porridge.
PS Oil is best to use corn, but in the absence of such, can and sunflower, my house like sunflower, corn me.

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Published Ibrahim (not verified) at Wed, 31/10/2007 - 14:26.

And crime, provide immediately, writing in the light of your opportunities out who will be able to find or make.
Using small onion (available at hasher), meat (lamb is needed, but in this case can be a mixture of beef and mutton), I rezhu knife to finely dice, no more peas, but you can pomolot at mincer with a large knife, similar to small squares rezhu pumpkin, with a ratio of one-fifth of the meat (800gramm meat 200gramm pumpkin), you can also tykvu to grind, because it is strong and not everyone can cut, solim, pepper, and mixing.
You take flour, pour out two eggs, solim to taste, add water, zameshivaem dough must obtain both the dumplings. Give stand ten minutes.
Roll out the dough, the regime boxes, placing the center of stuffing, and sleplivaem the ends and edges, so to get pyramids. Mazhem skeet mantyshnitsy butter, so that in the process of cooking, not the dough sticks to the skeet, and placing our pyramids. So fill all the skeet, while fill, bring water to a boil. Gather together with the mantel mantyshnitsu and varim, about 20 minutes, but it can be determined only by experience, at various miscellaneous mantyshnitsah time. When mants boil put on a large plate, you can use with smetankoy

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Published from the Crimean Tatar (not verified) at Wed, 31/10/2007 - 14:27.

sex packs margarine, salt, 250g very hot water, flour.
Fill with water and margarine quickly pomeshivaem that quickly dissolved, then add the flour and zameshivaem dough, as the dumplings. Roll out into sausages, the regime into pieces and roll out lepeshku, one half placing meat, wrap and wheel bar removes porozhek. Fried to skovorodke.
Making mincemeat, add onion finely Grated at Turk, 2-3 garlic cloves vydalenogo to chesnokodavke, salt, spices, a couple of spoonfuls of water, all the jumble and set on fire in the middle pan constantly pomeshivaem that there were no major komochkov, and willingness to tushim , That is not yet vykipit lishnyaya water

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) in Thu, 01/11/2007 - 13:24.

Low tukmachle Al yaratam ham MOs pochmak!

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Published Musa (not verified) in Thu, 01/11/2007 - 13:26.

CEZ kaydan dream, Series bulmasa eger? Mond, forum, chynnan yes BIC kup torle soylyam tellyare Bela ochrashyrga bula.
Ber ebekyay ahiryate yanyna kilgyan ikyan. BIC tyamlyap chyay echep utyralar de bolar, pyaryamyachen dya ashyylar, kaynatmalaryn kapkalyylar. Ahiryate eytya ikyan:
- Caral, chyaen bigryak tyamle, nindi chyay dream street?
- Iii, Ahira, kupsalsky chyay.
- Kupsalsky? Ana Kajaani alyrga bula?
- Berkaydan yes alyp bulmy shul. I am, torle kalalardan kaytkanda, kuchtyanyach diep, adults chldrn alyp kaytkan chyaylyarne barysyn bergya kushyp butyysyn yes, kupsalsky chyay kilep chyga! =))

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Published OlgaAris (not verified) in Thu, 01/11/2007 - 13:26.

I would like to offer cake from the kitchen of Crimean Tatars. astoe dish on our festive table, prepared quickly.
And so we need:
700 g of puff pastry, (taking the usual purchase).
500 grams of lamb (more are preparing veal)
2 medium onions head
2 medium potatoes
salt, pepper to taste
Egg Lubrication test
First, prepare the stuffing:
Meat cubes rezhem 5 -7 mm x 5 -7 mm. Rezhem small onions and potatoes. Solim pepper.
Roll the dough thickness of 3 -5 mm. Zastelit Protvino paper to the baking pan and put on Protvino. Then vykladyvaem stuffing.
On top of a sheet covering the second test. And connect the two seam between them.
The middle of doing hole. Egg.
Bake in oven at 180 C and 40 minutes. Later in the hole add broth (available water) and covering the entire cake foil and a further 20 minutes. Reduce temperature to 160 C. Check the willingness of the meat.

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) at Fri, 02/11/2007 - 14:59.

I really like the national dish, especially Manta, but we do not pumpkin - it is for me something new, and our favorite dish Khanum dough prepared at the Manta, a meat (lamb meat + beef onions and potatoes and sauerkraut ratio 50% of meat products, vegetables 50% of all perekruchivaetsya to hasher added spices to taste) lepim as robes and prepare for a couple. Serve with sour cream or hrenovinoy. I hope you'll enjoy.

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Published Aida (not verified) at Mon, 05/11/2007 - 14:53.

Echpochmak with potatoes
- Dough - 200g
- Meat - 150g
- Potatoes - 160g
- Melted butter - 2 tablespoons. smb.
- Onions - 1 / 3 pc.
- Egg - 1 / 4 pcs.
- Pepper, salt - to taste
- Broth.
For the filling fat meat and potatoes cut into small cubes and mixed with finely shred onions, oil, pepper and salt. Pastes should be prepared not all at once, in small portions. Yeast or a fresh roll out the dough into cakes the size of a tea saucer. At cakes put cooked stuffing, edges of dough with three lifts zaschipyvayut and leaving in the middle of the hole and making the product form a triangle. Echpochmak slur lezonom put in a hot zharochny cabinet, half an hour vynimayut, enter through the hole broth and continue to bake. Before filing on a table in echpochmaki join broth and top lubricated with oil.

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Published Kasym, Kazan (not verified) at Mon, 05/11/2007 - 14:56.

Lamb or veal in Kazan
200 grams of meat to bone, 30 g onion, 15 g butter Heating, 30 g sour cream, 5 g garlic, 150 grams of potatoes, salt, pepper, herbs
Baranja or telyachyu koreyku cut into portions of pieces (in portions must be one or two balls), nateret salt, pepper and zazharit at the very razogretoy pan until rumyanoy crust. Then pieces of meat shift in the deep pan, add broth, onion passerovanny sour. On top lay separately zazharenny potatoes, close lid and braise until ready. Ready meals sprinkle finely chopped garlic and file on the table in the same utensils.

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Published Kerim, Omsk (not verified) at Mon, 12/11/2007 - 14:43.

Oh, I love Tatar cuisine .... And in the Crimea, like the Crimean Tatar cuisine ...
Products: 500 grams of lamb or beef (preferably breast or ribs), 750 g potato, 1 carrot, 1 onion, pepper Bulgarian 3-4, 3-4 tomatoes or 2 tablespoons. spoon tomato, 2 tablespoons. tablespoons oil, 1 bay leaf, salt, pepper, herbs parsley, dill - to taste, 2-3 Zubkov garlic.
(Meat obmyt, put in a pot, pour cold water, put on fire, bring to boil, remove the foam, an onion, ground pepper, bay leaves, boil broth. Add potatoes, sliced into cubes, salt, provarit 5 minutes. Get out of meat broth, a little cool, cut into pieces, obzharit in a pan, along with carrots cut into cubes, Bulgarian peppers, tomatoes or tomato, cook 5-6 minutes. shift of the pot with the broth, cook 10-15 minutes. * For 1-2 minutes. before withdrawing from the fire salt, put pounded garlic, dill, parsley, covered lid, to settle 15-20 minutes.

Products: 500 grams of lamb (brisket or ribs), 2 cups of beans 1 onion, salt, pepper peas, greens - to taste. They go, wash, dunk in warm water for 4-5 hours.
Meat wash, put in a pot, pour cold water, give vskipet, remove the foam, put beans, whole flesh, boil until ready. Before the end of cooking, add salt, pepper. When the table sprinkle finely chopped green parsley or dill.

Buber DOLMASY (Stuffed PERETS)
Products: 500 grams of meat (lamb or beef), 0.5 kg of Bulgarian peppers, 0.5 cups of rice, 1 tablespoon. spoonful of sugar, 1-2 heads of onions, salt, pepper, herbs dill, parsley - to taste.
Meat skip through myasorubku along with the onions. Add the meat rice, salt, pepper, water, juice from tomatoes, finely chopped parsley and dill greens. Forcemeat should not be thick to rice, cook, were crisp and not cool prills. Prepare peppers by removing them from the heart. As ground meat. Stacked on the bottom of the pot, pour gravy. Gravy: fry onions until pink, add finely chopped greens, tomato heart, protushit, add water, salt and sugar. Gravy should cover products. Put on a slow fire to extinguish fully prepared, before lifting to the fire, add finely chopped fresh herbs parsley and dill. When the table pour sour cream or mayonnaise.

Pilaf (PILYAV) with peas
Products: 720 g of rice, 200 grams of meat, 200 g fat, 40 grams of peas (a special class nuhot), 400 g of carrots, 200 g onions, salt, spices (zra, barberry, kishmish green).
Dunk peas at night in cold water. Rice Wash and dunk to prepare pilaf. Carrots cut straw, onion rings, meat - slices of 10-15 city in boiling oil obzharit pieces of meat until light crust, fry onions along with the meat prior to the acquisition brown, put carrots and cooked peas. Pour cold water after boiling reduce heat and braise until ready peas. Since then add salt and spices to taste, lay flat layer of rice. To pour water. Rice should be covered with a layer of water 1-1,5 see as evaporation perelopachivat skimmer only the top layer pilaf, after full swelling of rice covered bowl for 30-35 minutes. When the table mix and put on the plate (foot). By pilaf is usually served various vegetable salad.

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) at Mon, 12/11/2007 - 14:47.

Хөрмәтле иптәшләр, Сезнең turynda BIC күп ishettem.

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Published Sofia, Kazan (not verified) at Wed, 12/12/2007 - 13:36.

I Tatarka and decided to share with you a simple recipe from my grandmother.
3 tablespoons, spoon sour cream (can kefir), 3 eggs, 1st.lozhka rast.masla, 1 / 2 ch.lozhka salt, 2 ch.l. sugar, 1 ch.l. soda cancellations, complete with a slide 2 cups flour.
Vymeshivaetsya dough and then cut into small pryamougolnichki and zharitsya on vegetable oil in a pan with the two sides.
Consumed with tea and jam, or on their own, very tasty and, most importantly, easy.

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Published by Aramis Bakhchisaraj (not verified) at Wed, 23/01/2008 - 14:12.

Gubad - a round cake with multi-layer filling
One of the most important feast on big celebrations.
Pastes made of court (dried cream)
otvarnogo crisp rice
minced meat with onions passerovannym
rublenogo eggs
rasparennogo raisins
dried apricots
prunes or dried apricots pitted.
To prepare Gubad can be used as yeast
and fresh dough
but in the dough for Gubad placed more oil.
Gu-Badia is meat
it served in a hot second course.
Gubad preparing to tea
Only two times thinner and with fruit filling.
Gubad - complex
celebratory cake.
It differs from other cakes.
In Gubad harmony to taste the products fit segments. but not mixed.
Cooking soft court for Gubad.
Dry court crush
sift through a sieve.
At - 500 grams court to add 200 g sugar
200 g of milk
100 g ghee
All mix and the weak fire provarit 10-15 min until a homogeneous pulp.
Massuh cool and use

Cooking crumbs. In 250 g of butter to proseyannoy 500 grams of wheat flour, 20-30 g of sugar and all this carefully grind hands (can be prepared, grit and sugar-free). As rastiraniya butter mixed with flour and form small baby. Before-so as to put Gubad (as well as Meat pies and belishi) in the oven, sprinkle them on top of the crumbs. Cooking otvarnogo rice. Rice is used as a filling for Gubad and belishey. Rice to go, rinse 1-2 times the cold, then hot water several times and put in boiling salt water. For it was crisp, the water must take 6-7 times more than rice. When cooking rice need to prevent a few times. The finished rice recline on the screen, that glass of water. It can be washed with hot water. The welded crisp rice put in shallow dish, add drawn butter and mix. Cooking meat stuffing for Gubad. Take Baranja beef or meat, cleaned of films and tendons, finely chopped, skip through myasorubku and fire in a pan.

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Published beauty of the Kazan Tatar (not verified) at Wed, 23/01/2008 - 14:13.

Fish tebe in village
Fish (lesch, carp, crucian)
sour cream
pepper to taste.
For tebe of a small fish (bream, carp, crucian). Well-processed fish, rinsed, and then inwards and outwards nateret salt, pepper. Fish cooked in this way falls on Shrove pan, the top lavishly shower cream and put in the oven or stove protoplennuyu. After 15-20 minutes the fish sprinkle finely chopped onions and then put into the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes.
Fish tebe served on a table in the hot pan

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Published Lisa, Peter (not verified) at Tue, 05/02/2008 - 14:21.

I'm from Leningrad, however, at home as the most ordinary dishes prepared Manta, ichpochmaki (ishpishmeki) - the triangular pies with ovine and potatoes; paramachi, more popularly known as belyashi, and a dessert - Chuck, Chuck. A long time (up to ten years), I was confident that this is the usual meal, prepared in any family, as well as some soup with meatball, and perplexed, if any, my girlfriend to the question "Do you want ishpishmek?" wondered what that is.
My mother, although Russian, but grew up in Kazan, then the whole meal.

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) in Thu, 21/02/2008 - 16:21.

- 1 kg of flour,
- Eggs 10 pcs.,
- 100 g of milk,
- 30 g sugar,
- 500 g melted butter,
- Powdered sugar 100 grams,
- Salt to taste.
Of the eggs, sugar, milk, salt and flour zamesit cool the dough. Roll it 1-1,5 mm thick and cut into strips width 1,5-2 see
Strips in turn cut rombikami 4-5 cm in length and cook in boiling oil.
Cool and sprinkle powdered sugar.

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Published Agnes, Kazan (not verified) at Wed, 27/02/2008 - 15:01.

Tea in Tatar
First, brew a strong tea. In the first pouring cups milk fat at least 3.2% to 1 / 3, then a solid welding and a little boiled water.
Sugar and honey served separately:)

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Published Sofia, Kazan (not verified) at Fri, 14/03/2008 - 18:19.

KATYK (Tatar yogurt)
- Milk 1 liter,
- Complete live yoghurt 100 g.
Prepare thick milk - in a wide open lower aluminum pot on a small fire boiling milk until reduced to 1 / 3.
Then cooled to a temperature of 35 ° C and add live yogurt. Good mix, muffled pan and place in warm place, safeguarding of sotryaseny.
After 6-8 hours to ready katyk to cold.
In Tatarstan and Bashkortostan katyk often prepared with svekloy or cherries (per 1 liter of milk are half a beet or cherry 2-3). To do this, boil the beets or pekut in the skin, then clean, cut into small-scale straw, put in the hot melted milk and leave to zakvashivaniya. A cherry pits removed, mash the flesh and also put in milk.

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) at Mon, 21/04/2008 - 17:56.

a Soviet-Chuck chak.Dlya this Chuck-Chuck does not need, except for eggs and flour, no milk, salt and prochee.Vse This adds a savings or out of greed. Just as honey, it does not razbavlyayut sugar. Chuck, Chuck did not everyday dish, a holiday, so it must prepare well as expected.

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Published Gulnar, Kazan (not verified) at Fri, 20/06/2008 - 15:28.

Stewed horse
150 grams of meat without bones, 15 g butter for extinction, 35 g onion, 35 g carrots, 150 g of potatoes, salt, pepper.
Horse flesh cut into pieces weighing 40 g. Each piece sprinkled with salt - pepper, mustard oil and keep the cold at 30 - 40 minutes until spices are not embedded into the meat. Zazharit pieces of meat at very razogretoy pan with fat, then transfer to saucepan, add broth or boiled water and stew. Separately, boil, bake or zazharit large potatoes, lay in a pot with meat, add the vegetable sauce in Tatar and willingness to fight.

Stuffed lamb (Tutyrgan Teke)
The flesh of mutton, 10 eggs, 150 grams of milk, 150 g fried onions, 100 g butter, salt, pepper to taste.
This is an old, forgotten by many dish.
To prepare teke taken breast young lamb or flesh back of the leg. Rib bones to separate the flesh from the belly, and the flesh from the rear of the cut in such a way that there bag. Separately, in deep dishes break eggs, add salt, pepper, and ostuzhennoe drawn butter and mix well. Resulting stuffing fill in the Baranja pre-cooked ribs or ham, zashit hole. Doing semi put in shallow dish, pour broth, sprinkle shred onions, carrots and cook until ready. When tutyrgan teke is ready to put it on the blurry fat pan, top-lubricated and 10-15 min put in the oven.
Stuffed lamb cut into pieces and served on a table in hot form.

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Published Sofia, Kazan (not verified) at Fri, 20/06/2008 - 19:06.

Neither өчендер, itle rizyklarny without күбрәк kysh көне ashyybyz. Shulay yes mines бүген bishbarmak пешерергә buldym. Bo rizykny әзерләргә миңа kaenanam өйрәткән ide. «Ulym asharga yarata, sin аңа үзе yaratkan rizyklarny gyna пешересең inde», - Deep әйтеп kaldyrdy street. Хәзер min иремнең күңелен күрәсе килгән chaklarda нәкъ менә kaynanam өйрәткән rizyklarny әзерлим. Minem белүемчә, bishbarmak St. kazahlarda esh әзерләнә Torgau rizyk.
Avylybyzdan yash tie ITU китерделәр. Al ITU (мишәр yaklarynda Ana Alash Deep тә йөртәләр) BFI faydaly итләрдән sanalganyn күпләрегез белә дә torgandyr inde. Хәер, итнең faydasy turynda сөйләргә җыенмыйм mines, will turyda сезгә Илһам Shakirov миннән yahshyrak аңлатыр (min Mond tanylgan җырчының IT turyndagy BIC bilgele anekdotyn истә totam).
Shulay ITEP, bismilla әйтеп, yash al итенең mail кисәкләрен suga salyp пешерәбез. Әлбәттә, TOZ, bashly sugan һәм laurel (дәфнә) yafragy yes salyrga onytmagyz. Yash IT St. ozak peshmi. Шуңа күрә, Thies Arad kamyr basyp, нәкъ tokmachka җәйгән kebek kamyr җәймәсе җәябез. Ana yarty institutions zurlygyndagy кисәкләргә бүлеп chygabyz. IT әзер buluga, Ana сөзеп savytka alyp kuyabyz yes (пешкән suganny, laurel yafragyn yes alyrga onytmagyz) җәймә кисәкләрен shul kaynap Torgau mail shulpada BIC Thies генә pesherep alabyz. Ana shulay sciences сөзеп alyp kuyabyz.
Ә will vakytta ikenche кәстрүлдә court yomry бәрәңге peshep chyga. Say, Zur тәлинкәгә пешкән kamyrny тезәбез, аның өстенә бәрәңге белән IT өябез. Боларның өстенә yashellek сибәбез (yashel sugan, dill әйбәт bulyr). Ә kaynar shulpany кәсаләргә salyp, bishbarmak белән бергә tabynga kuyabyz.
Bo rizyk nor өчен bishbarmak Deep Atal, disezme? Чөнки Ana чәнечке yaki kashyksyz, Kuhl белән - нәкъ менә Bisch бармагыңны эшкә җигеп ашыйсың. Ashlarygyz тәмле bulsyn!

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Published Angelina-Moscow (not verified) at Fri, 04/07/2008 - 18:19.

Dolmasy badymdzhan - another option.
Forcemeat - fatty beef, ideally to zharilas without oil. Onions finely rezhu. And zharyu to the point that vykipel all the resulting juice and minced obzharilsya until golden brown powdery krupinok. If not dozharit is not so tasty.
When the stuffing is ready, turn it off and add finely chopped fresh herbs - basil (the main, without it can not, it put a lot), kinza, dill, parsley. Solim, pepper.
Vegetables as well as in the recipe from the Witches, just eggplant in a different way: take baklazhanchiki small (10 cm), incise povdol 1 / 3 of depth (no more!) And rub salt inside 30 minutes through otzhimaem and fried as it was 3-4 parties. When farshirovanii akkuratnenko finger otzhimaem flesh baklazhana to the skin, farshiruem and placing capacity which will smother cut down. Then peppers, then tomatoes. I have a deep pan is very broad, so I put all of peremeshku. Fill all izmelchennymi fresh tomatoes, solim, pepper and tushim willingness to upper tomato.
And the latest chip - among the vegetables very well put dried yellow plums (do not prune!). But most importantly - to fire stuffing.

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Published Refat (not verified) in Thu, 17/07/2008 - 16:41.

Tartar sauce - one of the most popular sauces. The name of the sauce is a very interesting history. The fact is that in the last century, the great French cook loved to invent "national" sauces. This is due, in their view, Tartar sauce. Tatar in French - Tartar. Of course, nothing to do with Tatar cuisine, he does not have, but enjoys well-deserved love of food and foodies around the world. The French train with the sauce osetrinu Orly, fried squid salad and mussels. Pronounced spicy taste of pickled gherkin come to any dishes of fish or seafood.
Ingredients: pickles, mushrooms, fresh onions, garlic, etc.

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Published Gulnar, Kazan (not verified) at Mon, 01/09/2008 - 16:19.

Preparation time - the end of September
1 large thick cabbage
2 kg of tomato-cream - dense
1 kg morskovi
1 kg onion
2 cups sunflower oil, salt polstakana, polstakana sugar, 2 / 3 cup of vinegar can be a little burning red pepper
1. Morkovku nateret at large Turk, large onion cut semirings, braise in sunflower oil until soft condition
2. So far, chilled, poshinkovat cabbage, mix with half of salt.
Then chilled morkovku add to cabbage, as well as salt, sugar, vinegar, mix
3. Rezhem tomatoes dolkami as a salad - large, add to cabbage, well, but not sminaya are mixed.
Store in refrigerator 2 to 3-liter banks with polyethylene lids

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